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Global Sales Training Solutions

Richardson partners with some of the largest and most sophisticated companies in the world across all major business sectors. We have over 37 years of experience creating customised global sales training programmes that build organisational capabilities and improve the individuals skills that are necessary to grow sales.

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Consultative Selling

Global-Sales-Training-Programmes-Selling-With-Insights.pngRichardson's Consultative Selling programme takes an in-depth look at the critical structure of a sales call or client meeting and provides a powerful and effective  roadmap for a successful customer focused, needs based sales dialogue. Richardson's six critical skills fuel and support the framework, empowering sales professionals to leverage their technical excellence and use every sales skill available to open more doors, better understand client needs, more persuasively articulate value, and close more deals.

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Selling with Insights

Consultative-Selling-Global-Sales-Training-Program-Richardson.pngRather than simply responding, sellers must create value by encouraging clients to think about their business needs in new ways. The Selling with Insights programme provides sellers with advanced-level skills that allow them to know when and how to leverage insights in strategic dialogues with customers. This programme develops the ability to become the point of differentiation and bring relevant insights and ideas to create value in the buying experience, rather than just in the solution that the seller delivers.

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Consultative Negotiations

Global-Sales-Training-Programmes-Consultative-Negotiations.pngOur Consultative Negotiations programme provides the process, skills, and tools to negotiate win-win deals, strengthen long term relationships, and avoid leaving money on the table. Participants learn a negotiation framework for structuring the dialogue from preparation through close and increase their ability to see the negotiation through the eyes of the client as they convert demands to needs and probe more deeply to understand the client's priorities.

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Sales Coaching


Richardson's Developmental Sales Coaching programme quickly delivers processes and skills sales managers can immediately implement to coach their sales people to a higher level of sales excellence. It proves managers with a method for conducting effective, interactive coaching sessions so that salespeople self-discover their areas for improvement and commit to realistic. measurable behaviour change that leads to improved sales performance.

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The Richardson Sales Training Experience


Richardson Sales Skills Assessments provide an easy, on-line and on-demand tool to identify competency levels, benchmark alignment, and diagnose training needs. 

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Richardson offers a range of highly effective products, tools and systems to reinforce and develop newly learned skills and strategies.

These systems release sales leader/manager time whilst ensuring behaviour change and improved team performance.

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